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Flower Power
It is time for you to choose the flowers for your wedding bouquet. How exciting! Are you
thinking about holding a fragile and elegant bouquet of white anemones? Do you think
that a rustic wedding bouquet of scabiosa pods and cornflowers is more your style? Do
you lean towards holding impressive and chic lilies? Before you decide perhaps you
should know that every flower comes with its special symbolism so that your bouquet is
not just a beautiful arrangement of flowers, it is actually making a statement and you
should know what that statement is!
From as far back as the ancient Greeks and Romans, people would assign symbolisms
to flowers and explain their particular meaning. However, it wasn’t until the Victorian era
when books were actually written on the language of flowers in order to guide those
who wanted to send a floral message! Not only did every flower come with a special
connotation, the color of the flower also played a significant role! For example, a red
rose petal signified “Yes” but a white one meant “No”. This language could get
particularly complicated and the message of a flower could be very elaborate and
specific! One had to be quite efficient in this fragrant way of communication if
misunderstandings were to be avoided!
Although the meanings of flowers may differ from culture to culture or even change with
time, it is safe to say that the fascination with the significance of flowers lives on. It is
also true that at least some flowers will deliver the same message to everyone so let’s
see some of the most popular choices for bridal bouquets and what they mean.
Innocence, purity and eternal love are some of the connotations associated with the
white rose. It is undoubtedly a popular choice and for good reason since it is timeless
and it radiates elegance. If you want to have a less classic bouquet then you can think
of a combination that is special to you! Holding white roses and lavender for instance,
means that you emphasize the “till death do us part” significance of the bouquet while
lavender also symbolizes respect and honor.
Orchids convey beauty and luxury with white orchids symbolizing purity, pink ones
grace while purple ones are associated with royalty and red ones with passion!
Are you dreaming of a majestic cascading bouquet or is a simple and elegant one more
your style? No matter what you choose, your orchids wedding bouquet will speak
Pink tulips are chosen by lots of brides as they are truly eye catching. Tulips in general
convey the message of perfect love and rebirth and pink ones in particular signify
happiness. Again, if you want a more personalized arrangement then you can add one
or more flowers to your bridal bouquet. What about pink hydrangeas that represent
emotion and gracefulness?
Take nature into consideration when deciding on the flowers for your wedding as every
season boasts its own lovely selection of flowers and you really can’t go wrong when

you choose something that is in season! Your bridal bouquet will send whatever
message you want it to, so choose wisely! Be confident, be bold, be you!





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