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      It’s always a special occasion when a couple that has chosen a destination wedding, also wishes to honor their culture and tradition. This lovely couple decided to have a traditional Indian wedding in the unique backdrop of Santorini island. From the wedding dress to the menu, and to the entire ceremony, everything was a celebration true to they couples Indian upbringing and gave them a sense of familiarity and home, so to speak. The colorful clothes, the heavy jewelry – all meticulously crafted and beautifully ornate, came alive against the world famous Santorini sunset. But perhaps the most touching part of this heritage inspired wedding, was the fact that the entire families of the bride and the groom were able to express their joy and love to the happy couple, by sitting down in a circle and sharing their feelings. This unique traditional element, which takes different forms and shapes in every culture, made this wedding one for the books. For inspiration on bringing personal elements into your big day, feel free to gawk at this vibrant gallery!